Customize Your Samples

Create your own customize Sample pack.

You will receive a sample of each product you choose.

You must choose a minimum of  3 items.

Items $10 and greater can be purchased independently.


Choose from the following list of Samples


1. Instant Detox Tea $4.00 (includes 2 sample packets)

2. Lemon Instant CBD Tea $4.00

3. Raspbery Instant CBD Tea $4.00

4. NRG Energy Supplement $4.00

5. Nutrabust Liquid Vitamin $5.00

6. Nautica Sea Moss $5.00

7. Original Brewed Detox Tea (makes 1 gallon) $10

8. Bundle Sample Pack excluding Original Brewed Detox Tea $24.00

9. Bundle Sample Pack including Original Brewed Tea $34.00

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